Lớp 6 • GDCD
Trung Thu rơi vào ngày mấy?
Lớp 10 • Tiếng Anh
Làm thé nào để học tốt môn Ielts?
Lớp 9 • Vật lý
cho điện trở R=24 ôm <br />a, dòng điện chạy qua 2A tính U?
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Lớp 9 • Tiếng Anh
sửa lỗi sai <br /><br />7. The Nobel Prize-winning candidate, together with his wife and children, is staying in Sweden after the presentation. <br /><br />8. In spite of dropping out of Harvard in 1975, Bill Gates managed to found Microsoft with his childhood friend. <br /><br />9. The main cause of the strike was the management's refusal to give further consideration to the question of pay differences. <br /><br />10. By the mid-nineteenth century, land was so expensive in large cities that Xem thêm
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Lớp 9 • Tiếng Anh
Imagine that your group is responsible for promoting traditional crafts in your area. Propose an action plan to deal with the challenges.
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